Everything About Solar shades, Blackouts, and Light-Filtering

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Solar Shades and Their Usage

Solar shades are window treatments used in rooms directly hit by the sun’s rays. They are made using a finely and tightly woven coated material to shield your room from excess heat and sunlight. Vinyl is mostly used to make this fabric, albeit there are different other options you can choose from.

When selecting window shades, you will realize they come in dissimilar percentages. These percentages denote the openness factor or the amount of light and UV rays filtered by the shades. A small percent means a superior solar shade opaqueness and vice versa. You should, thus, go for a solar shade with an openness of between 1% and 3% if you need significant protection from UV rays and sunlight. You should select solar shades with a percentage of up to 10% if you need more light in your home.

Solar shades will also provide you with moderate privacy during the day. In this case, you need to go for a solar shade with the lowest openness percentage.

In addition to the above functions, solar shades help reduce heat in your house by blocking sunlight and minimizing glare. Like the amount of light allowed to enter your house, the level of protection from the heat you get from solar shades depends on their openness. The color of the fabric can also determine the amount of heat and light blocked. You should, hence, choose darker materials if you need to block out more heat and sunlight.

What Does Light-Filtering Means and What Are Light Filtering Shades?

Light-filtering means controlling the amount of light entering and illuminating your house. In this regard, you will need light-filtering shades; window treatments that help manage the amount of light getting into your house. These shades usually ensure that your house has the ideal brightness, an even look instead of light and dark spots, and is more attractive. They also provide you with privacy.

What Does Blackout Means and What Are Blackout Shades?

Blackout means obstructing most of the natural light from getting into your home. Blackout shades are window treatments often made using a dark backing to block natural light. They typically have minimal gaps and perfectly fit windows to avert the leaking of light. Besides blocking out light, blackout shades reduce external noise pollution and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

So, if you plan to purchase window treatments, window shades have got you covered. They will not only help reduce the amount of light entering your house or block most of it, but they will also add aesthetic value to your home besides the other benefits mentioned above.

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