Why is it called Roman Shade and what are the Benefits?

Roman shades window treatment

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Why Is It Called a Roman Shade and What Are the Benefits?

Roman shades window treatment

Why Is It Called a Roman Shade?

Do you know that Roman shade hailed from ancient Rome? The Roman households started hanging wet pieces of cloth over their windows in order to prevent debris and dust, especially from the Roman Colosseum construction site, heat, and sunlight from entering their houses. They later began using colorful cloth with lovely patterns to make their windows look stylish besides the earlier functionality.


Upon the completion of the Colosseum, two things became apparent: the Colosseum was undoubtedly an architectural wonder, and the upper seats were unbearably hot. Romans, therefore, hatched a plan; they built a huge awning-like shade with pleats that could be spread to shield individuals from the scorching sun, like the contemporary Roman shades.

What Are The Benefits of Roman Shades?


Roman shades are versatile and can basically be used in all rooms, be they private (bedrooms) or formal (the living room), because they have unique designs. You are only required to select the right color and fabric. For example, you should consider the Roman shades made from a white cotton fabric if your home is minimalist with sleek and simple furnishings. You can also go for a charcoal crushed velvet or a floral corduroy if you fancy something more traditional.

They are Easy to Customize

With Roman shades, you can choose your desired color, shape, design, texture, functionality, size, and material. This privilege ensures that what you pick matches your taste, lifestyle, preference, and home decor. Customization guarantees that the shades are as per your windows’ sizes for maximum protection, coverage, and privacy.

They Are Energy Efficient

Roman shades offer you energy efficiency. They can either allow sunlight to get in or entirely block it, but this depends on the material you select. Roman shades provide better temperature control compared to other types of shades. During winter, you can fully open them to allow sunlight and heat to enter your house or close them during summer to avoid overheating.

The best Roman shades are insulated using thermal acrylic foam. The lining helps in maintaining the internal temperature of your house, keeping the interiors warm during winter and cool during summer.

They Reduce Fading

Carpets, decorative items, and even walls can fade when frequently exposed to the sunlight. Roman shades help you manage the amount of sunlight entering your house to minimize fading of the things mentioned above.

When looking for a window treatment, people always go for the one that offers them high utility and aesthetic value. After reading this article, you will find that the best window treatment provides various benefits, serves different purposes, and brings elegance to your home. You will never go wrong with Roman shades.

Exclusive Roller Shade Designs

Roller Shades

Roller shades are among the best window covering solutions since you can completely block the light when it is fully lowered.

Wide Selection of Zebra Designs

Dual Sheer Shades

Two layers of fabrics featuring alternate horizontal blinds. Easily adjust to filter light.

Variety of Roman Shades

Roman Shades

A window covering that goes with your room décor by featuring folded fabrics that go up and down.


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Check out the Drapery gallery

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