How Does Window Style Affect Window Coverings?

How Does Window Style Affect Window Coverings?

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If you’re looking for window coverings, you may think style isn’t important. After all, doesn’t it just come down to practicality? While function is important when selecting the right window covering, style also plays a large role. At Dream Curtains in Los Angeles, we understand how the perfect set of curtains or blinds can tie a room together and enhance your interior design. Read on to learn why window style matters when selecting the perfect cover!

The Right Window Treatment Style for Interior Design

When you think of window treatments, you probably think of curtains and blinds—both great options! However, a few other styles might better suit your specific needs or interior design goals.

For example, shades are an excellent option if you want something that still provides the same level of privacy as curtains but offers a more streamlined look. Shutters offer excellent insulation benefits and lend a classic look to any room.

And for modern homes with large windows, drapery panels can make a bold statement while still keeping the light out when needed.

Besides, you don’t have to select just one type of window covering. Combining two or more styles can greatly add depth and texture to your interior design.

The Right Window Treatment Style for Function

The function also plays an important role in selecting the right window covering. Consider how much light you want in each room and what insulation you need. It would help if you also kept in mind how easy the covering is to use and maintain.
For example, curtains are a great choice to filter light without completely blocking it. Blinds are low-maintenance and offer excellent privacy but don’t provide much insulation. Shades can be great for blocking out the sun and keeping the heat in, but they don’t always provide complete privacy. And shutters offer excellent insulation benefits while allowing you to open or close them as needed.

Best Custom Curtain in Los Angeles

At Dream Curtains in Los Angeles, we provide the highest quality custom curtains in Southern California. Our team specializes in creating luxurious custom drapes that will transform any room into something special.
We use only top-of-the-line fabrics from some of the most renowned fabric companies in Europe and America—so whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, we have exactly what you need!
Plus, our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your new curtains fit perfectly in your home and match your exact style preferences.

Custom Window Blinds in Simi Valley, Los Angeles

For those who prefer shades or blinds over curtains, Dream Curtains also has plenty of options available! From traditional horizontal slats to modern vertical panels—we have everything you need to find the perfect window covering for your home.
In addition to offering custom sizing and colors, our team also specializes in motorized blinds so that you can easily control your windows with just the push of a button! Whether you’re looking for blackout shades or light-filtering blinds—Dream Curtains has it all!


It’s easy to underestimate how much style matters when selecting window treatments. But at Dream Curtains in Los Angeles and the Simi Valley area, we believe choosing the right window treatment is key to elevating your interior design game. From traditional curtains and shutters to modern shades and motorized blinds—we have everything you need to find great custom window treatments for any room! Contact us today for more information about our selection of products and services.

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