Everything About Custom Drapery

everything about custom drapery

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Everything About Custom Drapery

Do you require window treatments for your home? If yes, you should choose carefully from those available on the market because they will dictate the level of natural light entering your house as well as your privacy. The best thing about window treatments is that they can be customized if you are unhappy with the readymade ones. Custom draperies are examples of such customized window treatments. Please continue reading to grasp everything you need to know about them.

everything about custom drapery

What are Custom Draperies?

Drapery is a term used to denote a stylish material installed on windows, which can be in the form of curtains or drapes. A custom drapery is one customized according to your taste and preference. It, therefore, implies that you can choose from different designs. A custom drapery is made using a heavy, high-quality fabric; thus, it’s durable. Customization allows you to have draperies that perfectly fit your windows.

The Purpose of Draperies

The first purpose of draperies is to protect your furniture, floor, carpet, and walls from the harmful UV rays that cause fading after prolonged exposure. It’s, hence, undeniable that you need draperies to protect the above items from fading.

The second use of draperies is to insulate your home from harsh climatic conditions. In this regard, draperies usually keep your house cool during summer and warm during winter. Windows typically allow heat to escape from your home. But with draperies, you can be sure that this won’t happen.

The other use of draperies is to provide privacy. Draperies ensure that people cannot see the inside of your home from the outside.

Another purpose of draperies is to reduce the sun’s glare, especially when watching television. You should always close the draperies when watching TV.

Draperies also add style and warmth to both your windows and home. This is the reason why people call them windows’ furniture. It’s irrefutable that draperies typically alter a room’s outlook. The advantage of draperies is that they come in diverse styles to suit different individuals’ tastes and preferences.

4 Benefits of Draperies

Precise Measurements

You usually have limited options in terms of color, design, and size when you go shopping for window treatments. But custom draperies are tailored to your windows’ specific dimensions. You are also the one to choose the fabric, pattern, design, and texture and whether they should be short or long. Having perfectly fitting window treatments ensures your privacy while shielding you from the sun.

Superior Workmanship

Custom draperies are made professionally using high-quality materials. The fabric used should suit the positioning of your windows and their styles. The color and texture of your interiors should also be taken into account to make sure that the window treatments match your home décor. An expert designs and installs them by observing the highest quality standards.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Poorly fixed window treatments can result in significant loss of energy during winter when you use the heating system. It also means that they will allow excess sunlight to enter your house during summer, leading to increased heat in your home. Custom draperies come in handy in maintaining the ideal temperature in your house. The linings used in these draperies make them energy efficient, helping you save on heating and cooling expenses.

High-Quality Fabrics

Custom draperies are made using heavy, high-quality fabrics. The fabrics’ colors are also specially made to avert color variation.


If you are looking to buy window treatments for your home, this article has exemplified the meaning of custom draperies, their uses, and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

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Check out the Drapery gallery


Check out the Drapery gallery

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